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Reading Some Basic Mathematical Symbols (Membaca Simbol Matematika Dasar)

Al Faqih Warsono

Reading Some Basic Mathematical Symbols
(Membaca Simbol Matematika Dasar)

Read as
equals, is equal to
(sama dengan)
2+2=4 [Two plus two equals four], [Two plus two is equal to four]
A=b  [a equals b], [a is equal to b]

 does not equal, is not equal to
(Tidak sama dengan)
1+1≠3 [One plus one is not equal to three], [One plus one does not equal three]
is less than
(lebih kecil dari)
4<5  [Four is less than five]
0 < x <1   [zero is less than x is less than 1]
is greater than
(lebih besar dari)
3>2  [Three is greater than two]
is less than or equal to
(lebih kecil atau sama dengan)
5≤6 and 5≤5  [Five is less than or equal to six, and five is less than or equal to five]
0 x 1  [zero is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 1]
is greater than or equal to
(lebih besar atau sama dengan)
2≥1 and 2≥2 [Two is greater than or equal to one, and Two  is greater than or equal to two]
2+3=5  [Two plus three equals five]
 A+b   [a plus b]
x + 1  [x plus one]
5-3=2  [Five minus three equals two]
2 - 6 = -4 [Two minus six equals negative four]
4×5=20 [Four times five equals twenty]
A x b [a times b]
divided by
20÷4=5 and 20/4=5 [Twenty divided by four equals five]
Over; divided by
(per, dibagi)
a/b[a over b], [a divided by b]
1/2 [one half],  1/3 [one third],  1/4 [one fourth],
5/2 [five halves], 2/3 [two thirds], 7/10 [seven tenths]
[the quantity x squared plus three (pause) divided by x], [x squared plus three (pause) all over x]
square root
(akar kuadrat)

√4=2 or -2  [square root four is two]
x   [(square) root x ], [the square root of x]
[cube root (of) x]

  [fourth root (of) x]

[the eighth root of thirty-two]
5!=1×2×3×4×5=120 [factorial five is one times two times three times four times five equals one hundred and twenty]
absolute value of
(nilai absolute dari)
|5|=5 and |-5|=5 [absolute value of five is five, and absolute value of minus five is five]
is parallel to
(parallel dengan)
A||B [A is parallel to B]
Perpendicular to
(tegak lurus dengan)
A^B   [A is perpendicular to B]
is approximately equal to
(kira-kira sama dengan)
√2≈1.41    [square root  two is approximately equal to one point four one]
≈ 3.14159  [pi is approximately equal to three point one, four]

is defined as
(a+b)2≡a2+2ab+b2  [a plus b all squared is defined as a squared plus two ab plus b squared]
x squared
(x/y)2      [x over  y all squared]
(x + y)2    [x plus y all squared]
a2 + b2 = c2  [a squared plus b squared equals c square]
a to the b
75 [seven to the fifth power], [seven to the fifth]
23 [two cubed]
(x + y)n
The quantity
y = (x - 2)(x+1)  [y equals the quantity x minus two (pause) all raised to the quantity x plus one]
f(x) = (7 + y) ½    [ f of x equals the quantity seven plus y raised to the one over y power]
belongs to,
is an element (or a member) of
(elemen dari)
  [x belongs to A], [x is an element (or a member) of A]
does not belong to,
is not an element of
(bukan elemen dari)
  [x does not belong to A], [x is not an element of A]
is contained in,
is a subset of
(bagian dari)
[A is contained in B ], [A is a subset of B]
Cap, meet, intersection
  [A cap B], [A meet B], [A intersection B]
Cup, join,  union
[A cup B],  [A join B], [A union B]
P => q [p implies q], [if p, then q]
(ekwivalen dengan)
p <=> q [p if and only if q], [p is equivalent to q], [p and q are equivalent]
The summation of
[the sum from i equals one to n ai ], [the sum as i runs from 1 to n of the ai]

  [vector OA]

the length of the segment
(panjang segmen)
     [the length of the segment OA]
Inverse, the inverse of
A-1 [A inverse], [the inverse of A]
f —1 (x) [f inverse of x]
function .. of..
Fx, f of x,  the function f of x
L ABC = L DEF  [angle ABC equals angle DEF]
(integral [dari])
[integral from a to b (of) f(s) ds]
log(x) [logarithm of x], loga x [logarithm in base a of x]
log2 9 [log base two of nine], [logarithm base two of nine], [log nine base two]
[five choose two]


[a,b]  [the closed interval from a to b]
(sin x)2 [sine of x (pause) quantity squared], [sine of x all squared]
sin(x2) sine of x squared
sin2 x sine squared of x

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